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Department of Physiology

Physiology deals with the functional aspects of the different organs of the human body and for these reasons the subject has got top priority in the teaching curriculum of the course in medical sciences. Keeping in view, the above objectives, the dept. was established with senior & dedicated academicians and well trained &qualified personnel.

It is a well equipped dept. training undergraduate as well as postgraduate students. The Haematology section is equipped to teach various techniques for the blood parameters, necessary in routine blood reporting.

The experimental section deals with clinical physiology, especially lung function tests, cardiovascular functions, ECG, EMG, EEG etc.

For better understanding of the subject, regular system ending as well as semester ending examinations are taken and in turn strengthens the teacher-student relationship.

  • Essential basic subjects of the medical curriculum
  • Subject is the basis for understanding disease processes
  • Teaching schedules are well oriented to grasp the subject in depth
  • Conducts postgraduate courses
  • Research activities are carried out as partial fulfillment to completion of the post graduate programme
  • Student seminars are conducted on current topics
  • Dept. is well organized for routine analysis of blood and cardiovascular examination
  • Scientific papers are contributed to reputed journal regularly
  • Possesses expertise in high level Electrophysiology, Electromicroscopy and radioactivity techniques

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