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Department of Urology

  1. OPD Complex-Sunday,Monday,Wednesday and Thursday.
  2. A procedure room besides OPD
  3. Uroflowmetry room in OPD complex.
  4. Seminar room for undergraduate teaching being shared with general surgery
  5. WARD- 25 bedded (15 for male and 10 for female)
  6. OT days- Tuesday and Friday.

Minimally invasive facilities for the patient

  • Endoscopic removal of ureteric calculus (URS)
  • Per cutaneous nephrilithotomy(PCNL)
  • Endoscopic removal of urinary bladder stone (Cystolitholapexy)
  • TURP
  • OIU
  • Laparoscopic hernioplasty
  • Laparoscopic varicocelectomy
  • Laparoscopic treatment for undescended testis
  • Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy
  • Laparscopic ureterolithotomy
  • All types of malignant and non malignant open surgeries.

Our Goals and future vision

  • To establish COMS as one of the best urological center in Nepal
  • To provide all endo-urology facilities to the people of Nepal.
  • To give SWL facilities by the end of 2010
  • To create awareness in general population regarding prevention of urinary stones.
  • To establish a research laboratory for stone analysis.
  • To publish academic research papers of highest order.
  • To create a separate urology block in upcoming new building.

Prof. W. K. Belokar


Head of Department, Urology, CMS-TH, Bharatpur
Former Director of Urology, KIMS Hospital, Sawangi
Former Dean, Goa Medical College and member of MCI for 15 years
Recognised transplant surgeon (already performed) by Maharashtra Govt.

Dr. Aman Agarwal

MBBS, MS (Gold Medalist), King George's M.C. (KGMC), Lucknow

MBH, Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute (SGPCI), Lucknow
Former Assistant Prof., Department of Surgery, CMS-TH
Organised 7th National Surgical Conference in CMS-TH, Nepal, 2009 December
MEDHA PATKAR Award winner for better work for humanity
Joined MCH program in urology in CMS-TH

Dr. Ghanshyam Sigdel


Former consultant, Kathmandu Model Hospital
Joined MCH program in Urology in CMS-TH

Dr. Sudeep Raj KC

Associate Professor


Academic Activities

  • Daily ward round morning and evening
  • Grand round once a week.
  • Undergraduate theory class once a week
  • Bed side clinics for undergraduates twice a week
  • Journal club once in two weeks
  • Case presentation once a week
  • Seminar once in two week
  • Symposium weekly
  • PG clinic once in two week
  • Departmental data analysis once in a month
  • X Ray clinic once in a week.

Departmental Activities

  • In detail counseling of OPD patients regarding their disease cure and
  • Counseling is being done through posters and videos both for OPD patients and pre-operative patients
  • Patients education for prevention of stone formation through a format printed in nepali language
  • Educating patients regarding early signs and symptoms of BPH and advice them to consult urologist early for effective management.
  • Keeping records of all prostate hypertrophy patients through departmental BPH proforma
  • On phone taking care of all patients operated or being conservatively managed
  • Printed and laminated discharges are being given to patients so that they do not damage it
  • Keeping records of all histopathology, urine culture and cystourethroscopy reports.
  • All indoor patients are being enrolled separately in urology and an enrolled code is being given to patient before discharge.
  • Patients are being given facilities to contact on phone any time for any problem, details of patient is known on the basis of enrolled number.


A prospective study is being done in department of Urology for:

  1. Comparative study of TURP vs MIP for prostate hyperplasia>50gms
  2. Association of prostatitis in pathogenesis and progression of BPH
  3. Early vs Late removal of PUC after TURP
  4. Is PSA nesessary in every case in diagnostic work up of BPH
  5. Pre-operative urine culture vs post operative stone culture in renal calculus to prevent SIRS after PCNL/Nephrolithotomy.
  6. Stenting vs non stenting after ureteroscopy or uncomplicated ureterolithotomy.
  7. Effect of % of grams of prostatic chips removed on IPSS/BOTHER score.
  8. PCN vs DJ stenting in hydronephrosis caused by stone.
  • I came all the way from India to offer my services and experience to the young doctors of Nepal and also with an aim to start renal transplant in CMS-TH.

    Prof. W. K. Belokar
    Prof. W. K. Belokar
  • I feel proud to be a part of CMS family and from last 6 years, I have been giving my services to people of Nepal. My aim is to give all minimally invasive facilities and best urological treatment to patients in CMS-TH.

    Dr. Aman Agarwal
  • CMS-TH is one of the best hospitals in terms of management, academics and for patient well being. I am lucky to be a part of it. I am very hopeful and positive for my future.

    Dr. Ghanshyam Sigdel
    Dr. Ghanshyam Sigdel


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