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Department of Dentistry

Since light travels faster than sound. People appear bright until you hear them speak

we can’t help you with the IQ but we sure can make you put up a winning smile.

The dept. of Dentistry is a comprehensive set-up, providing professional services predominantly to the people of Central & Western Nepal.

Its practices include services for:

I. Pedodontics: dentistry for children
II. Periodontics: dentistry for gums and bone
III. Prosthodontics: dentistry for replacement of teeth, removable or fixed
IV. Oral Surgery: dentistry for oral surgical problems
V. Maxillofacial surgery: surgeries involving the facial region: soft tissue & bone
VI. Conservative dentistry: dentistry for restorations
VII. Esthetic dentistry: dentistry for improving beauty of teeth or the smile profiles
VIII.Endodontics: dentistry for root canal therapy
IX. Community dentistry: dentistry in general for outreach programmes
X. Stomatology: dentistry for oral diseases

  • 24 hour emergency services including those for trauma & sepsis
  • Outpatient clinics & indoor services
  • Oral cancer screening & rehabilitation
  • Pre-RT oral prophylaxis clinics
  • Precancerous conditions & lesions clinics
  • Oral hygiene counseling protocols
  • Comprehensive dental setup for all modes of treatment under one roof
  • Tertiary referral center for dental related problems
  • Ongoing research on 3 projects, extensive paper presentation & publications (7)
  • Winner of Best poster in 1st National oncology conference of SAARC countries, Nepal
  • Periodic dental health camps for NGO, public funded organizations & charitable institutions.


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