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Department of Biochemistry

The department of Biochemistry was established in 1994 along with other department at Bageshwory complex. In 2001 the department was shifted to new five storied college & Hospital complex in the heart of the town adjacent to Government Hospital. The basic science biochemistry department is situated on third floor. The department is fully equipped for 150 student intake with a practical hall, two Tutorial rooms, demonstration hall, research room for faculty & posts graduate students. Library cum seminar room with recent books, journals computer & internet facility. Faculties are provided with separate rooms, in addition to this store room, two preparation rooms. Technical staff sitting room and washing place are also present.

Practical Hall

Well equipped with working table fitted with sinks, water taps, gas fitting. A marble platform for equipment arte placed to be used by the 40 students per batch.

Tutorial Room

Two rooms with accommodation for 40-50 students with Visual aids like OHP, Slides & LCD projectors etc.

Library Cum Seminar Room

Accommodation for 20-25 students with a large round table with seating arrangements & audio-visual aid like OHP, slide projector, computer & LCD projector for seminars and journal club.

Research Room

A research room well equipped with equipments like TLC, Homogenizer, cold centrifuge, Electrophoresis for PAGE & CAM etc, Spectrophotometer & Elecsys 2010, as well as Auto – analyzers are being used for research purposes

P. G. Course

  • Two students for M. Sc. (Medical Biochemistry) per year in take.
  • One student for M.D. (Biochemistry) per year started from 2008 July session.
  • M. Sc. (Medical Biochemistry) two batches have successfully passed out and are doing well in the country and some are selected for doctorate degree abroad.


All categories of faculties have been provided with separate rooms for their academic activity. Well qualified and academic minded faculties having cordial with the students. They guide them in learning & concealing during any problems. Problem based learning and clinically oriented coaching are provided. Preparation for screening tests & for PG course, applied aspects of Biochemistry is taught during spatial classes.

Non Teaching Staff

A team of technical staffs who are well experienced and devoted and having helping nature are always ready to assisted the faculty and the students when ever their help is required.

Contact Department of Biochemistry


+977-56-524203 (Ext. 023)

+977-56-521527 (Fax)

or send email to:

  • THEORY: Integrated teaching and problem based learning method is followed. Tutorials & clinical classes are the basis of day one learning method adapted to produce will discipline & qualified products.
  • PRACTICAL & DEMONSTRATION: Basic and Clinical Biochemistry tests are part of practical and special attention is given to learn clinical approach and changes taking place during diseases.
  • All types of equipments are allowed to be handled by the students at basic stage.
  • Demonstration of Cardiac profile, Lipid profile, Tumor markers and diabetes profile are the primary basis of demonstration and tutorials.
  • Practice of ready made kits, manual methods and auto pipettes are provided.
  • Acquaintance of departmental research activity along with other clinical departments.
  • Exposures of seminars and CME programme are regular basis department wise taking place.
  • Use of Computer, LCD, and HOP & Slide projector are given to conduct seminars or extempore activity.
  • Two PG (Medical Biochemistry) per year intake under Kathmandu University and Two batches have successfully passed out.
  • One M.D. (Biochemistry) per academic year is starting from july 2008.
  • CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY: Clinical biochemistry is a part of Central Clinical Laboratory. It is well equipped laboratory having world standard equipment for Hormone, Tumor marker and other special investigations by ELECSYS – 2010.
  • Cardiac profile: CK, CK – MB, cTrop-T and cTrop-I A other enzymes.
  • Diabetes profile: GTT, Hb-A c Insulin, Micro-alumin ect are done.
  • Tumor marker: PSA (Total & free), CEA, CA – 1235, AFP, β – HCG etc are a prime investigations provided to the patients.
  • PAGE, CAM, Agar gel electrophoresis for proteins, abnormal hemoglobin’s, iso-enzymes.

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