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Baby born with four hands

Baby born with four hands

A baby was born to Mrs.Pramila Bote, aged 24 years Resident of Madi-4, Chitwan (Dist.), Nepal on 10th May, 2006 at 5.00 a.m. The delivery was normal. The baby was brought to the CMS Teaching Hospital for observation and kept in NICU under the close observation of the Dept. of Paediatrics. Surprisingly the baby has normally two hands and abnormally two hands coming from midline of body  and congenital defect of right leg with four breast nipples.

Breast nipples – 4
3 on right side
1 on left side

Normal hands     5 –5
Abnormal hands  6-4


Right leg is deformed
Left leg is normal

X-ray findings:
Hands arising from ribs (right)


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