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Medicine in capitalistic society used to be linked mostly with curative aspects of disease. But with advancements in our knowledge of the exact etiologies of the disease process and the fact that the health of an individual is also dependent on his physical, social and cultural environment – the practical importance of a community physician is realized. A complete integration of preventive & social medicine with curative medicine is essential for maintaining the positive health of the individual as well as the community.

Location Number of Camps Number of patients
Chitwan 159 7531
Nawalparasi 116 6276
Tanahu 15 18

Health camps conducted for various districts, Sept 2004- July 2005.


Organization No. of Patients Remarks
VDRC Nawalparasi 560  
SODESI- Nepal 350 Only Hysterectomy cases
ANCHC 225  
Narayani Yatayat 196 Only RTA cases
Others (recommendations from different organizations) 2730 No formal MOU with CMSTH
health services & treatment from CMSTH, referred from Partner Organizations.

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