Department of Anaesthesia

Department of Anesthesia is mannered by adequate highly qualified anesthesiologist, well trained nurses and paramedical staffs.
There are 10 major state-of art operation theaters in the hospital complex one is located in the causality complex to deal with major emergencies and trauma cases, and one is located  in the obstetric and gynecology department to deal with obstetric and gynecological emergences. Operation theater complex is well organized with ideal administrative and operational structure to improve this efficiencies of the surgeons, Anesthesiologist, other operation room assistants and also patients safety. There is an on-site pharmacy located inside the operations theatre complex. All types of surgeries (laparoscopic and arthroscopic surgeries) are carried out in this hospital under varies types of anesthesia.

All operation theaters have central supply pipe line for N2O, O2 compressed air, and vacuum.

All Operation theatres are equipped with advanced ………….. system (invasive and non invasive) and advanced Anesthetic machines.

The department of anesthesia gives 24 hrs cover to all routine and emergency cases operated in the operations theatre, emergencies in the causality department and intensive care unit. Apart from this, we are also involved in under Graduate teaching programs.

  • 24 hour protocols for routine OT& Emergency OT
  • Spinal anaesthesia for selective cases
  • Epidural anaesthesia in selective cases
  • Caudal epidural anaesthesia given in selective cases
  • Dissociative anaesthesia given in selective cases
  • Various local blocks (brachial plexus block, wrist block, ankle block)
  • Biers block ( intravenous regional anaesthesia) in selective cases
  • Didactic lectures for MBBS students
  • OT clinics for students
  • Emergency services to ICU patients are provided when required.

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