Department of Anatomy

The department of Anatomy was established in 1994 within the campus of the King Mahendra Eye Hospital. It is presently having two dissection halls accommodating 150 students at a time, one histology practical hall for 40 students in groups, one well-equipped Anatomy Museum, one Departmental Library with recent books & journals, and an administrative block for faculty & office staff.

Dissection Halls
Two big dissection halls with adequate dissection tables, dissection instruments charts & diagrams an arrangement for LCD projection.

With adequate facilities for storage of cadavers.

Viscera Room
With sufficient number of viscera, sections and dissected parts.

Histology Practical Hall
One histology practical hall with adequate number of tables fitted with light source for examination of histology slides by uniocular & binocular compound light microscopes and arrangement for LCD projection.

Histology Preparation Room
Well-equipped for preparation of histology slides including special slides with special stains.

Anatomy Museum
Dry Museum – with display of bones, joints & models.
Wet Museum – with display of soft parts including sections, dissected parts and embryology specimens with anomalies.

Departmental Library
With latest editions books related to Anatomy & allied subjects and recent journals.

Academic minded, well conversant and devoted faculty members are helping the students in learning the basic medical sciences of Anatomy.

Non-teaching staff
A very spirited team of non-teaching staff helping the faculty members and students in every sphere of teaching & learning.
  • Theory and tutorial classes following integrated teaching system..
  • Dissection of human cadavers, demonstration of hard & soft parts.
  • Demonstration of histology slides.  
  • Demonstration of Embryology models, Radiological Anatomy & Surface Anatomy.
  • Special attention to demonstrate Neuro-anatomy
  • Demonstration of sectional anatomy specimens with emphasis on clinical anatomy.  
  • Embalming of cadavers by automatic embalming machine.
  • Preparation of histology slides.
  • Preparation of sections by Band-saw.
  • Preparation of sections by Band-saw.
  • Research activities in the department and also in collaboration with other non-clinical and clinical departments.

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