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Nepal: Unity in Diversity
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The Bharatpur is the headquarter of the Chitwan District, where the College of Medical Sciences is situated .Bharatpur is a centrally located, commercial hub in Nepal, situated on the bank of the holy river, Narayani, which is a confluence of seven rivers, is also called “The Sapta Gandiki”, ultimately joining as a tributary of the holy river Ganges in India. Bharatpur is 146 kilometer away from Kathmandu and can be reached by air and roads. Bharatpur enjoy the unique place in political scenario in the country and is a conglomeration of different culture and ethnic groups. Winter spreads between November to February, the month of December and January is the coldest temperature touching 2 – 3Oc. While the hot summer spreads from May to August and the temperature rises up to 40c. Monsoon which strikes from the month of June until September. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of the rising mountains with the backdrop of snow covered peaks, once monsoon is over.

Nestled amidst great scenic beauty at the foot of the Himalayan Range away from the tenacious onslaughts of pollution on modern urban life, the institute offers the young men and women an excellent climate necessary for full physical, intellectual and spiritual growth: A home away from home.

Travel Information

You can come to Bharatpur, by air or by road.

By Air.
    * International flights to Kathmandu, and domestic flights from Katmandu  to Bharatpur. (Flying time-- 15 minutes).
    * Passport or Election card are necessary for entry to Nepal if traveling by air.
    * The domestic airport is at walk able distance from the college which may take approximately 5 minutes.

By Road / Railways
    * Raxual, from Bihar is the Nearest Railway station. From Raxual, Nepal border can be approached by taxi or rickshaw, which is 5 minutes, into Birgunj. From Birgunj, taxi or bus to Bharatpur directly (travel time, approximately 3 hrs) 126 Km from Bharathpur.
    * Bhairava, Nepal with proximity to Sanauli, India which is 2 hrs from Gorakhpur, Uttarpradesh.220kms from bharathpur.
    * Other places of approach are Kakarvita, Nepal with proximity to New Jalpaiguri, Sliliguri, West Bengal.
    * No documents are necessary by road.

Note: Indian denomination notes of  Rs 500/- or Rs1000/- are banned in Nepal.

Working Hours and Miscellaneous Information:
    * The college working hours are from 9.00am to 4.00pm.
    * Saturday is weekly off in Nepal.
    * Our Official GSA for Srilanka and Maldives is PATHE ACADEMY No.37, School Lane, Colombo, Srilanka for selection of the students.Ph:No:0773017883
          We do not have any recruiting or advertising agents other than PATHE ACADEMY & Medico Abroad.


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