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The Internship period is for twelve months and it is a critical phase in the continuation of training provided to undergraduate medical students. It is intended to empower the intern with the skills necessary for functioning independently in future. Besides encouraging the development of appropriate attitude, behavior and inculcation of work culture, it is also expected that the Intern achieve the ability to identify, analyze and manage clinical problems in order to provide effective, efficient and humane patient care.

The most important medical care in most parts of Nepal is the primary care. Therefore, to be a competent physician in Nepal one has to acquire competence in multiple disciplines, below the level of consultants so that they can handle all illnesses under all kind of circumstances and this level of competency has to excel in all major branches of medicine.

The University awards the degree after attainment of goals of the undergraduate medical education. The Nepal Medical Council grants interns the rights and privileges of a doctor. It is but natural that the Council, as a regulatory body, deems that the Interns should meet a set of standards of competence, care and conduct so as to ensure the public safety in their practice The Medical Council grants provisional certificate after submission of University’s provisional pass certificate. The Internship should be completed in his/her own teaching hospitals of the medical college.


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