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Internal assessment examinations are conducted at the end of each semester by the college. If a student fails, he/she is not eligible to appear in the University exams as per University rules.

University examinations in basic medical sciences are held at the end of first year and second year. The students have to qualify and clear all the subjects of the Basic Science, before getting promotion to Vth semester (second phase). Students must pass all papers of the First tear (I MBBS) within three years of admission and must pass all papers of Second Year (II MBBS) within four years of admission. failing to clear any subjects (Five) attempts shall be debarred for further study as per University rule. Students appear in final University examination of Community medicine, Forensic medicine, ENT, Ophthalmology in 7th semester, can be promoted to 9th semester only after clearing the above mentioned subjects. The students failing to do so could appear for the supplementary exams conducted by the University every six months.

Objectives of the MBBS programme:
On completion of the five and half year of MBBS programme, the medical graduate should be able to :
a) emonstrate the understanding of principles and practice of modern medicine with an in-depth knowledge of structure and function of human body, normal and in diseases.
b) develop a holistic approach to the practice of modern medicine
c) advance ones own knowledge and skills through higher education via continuing medical education programs and research.
d) demonstrate an understanding of contemporary knowledge and skills
e) possess qualities of a compassionate and socially accountable human being
f) discharge job responsibilities with concern and care
g) provide immediate management care to life threatening situations by self
h) identify common health problems, manage them initially, ask opinion from seniors or refer to appropriate health institutions when required
i) provide education to people on health and health related matters
j) participate in immunization programs and health camps
k) communicate will with patient and patient’s relatives by explaining matters known and refer them to appropriate persons when matters are not clear to self
l) provide all information on matters of management of patients to the patients and relations.
m) Identify medico legal cases and function as required
n) Develop a health care team-approach and give respect to all the other member of the team
o) Give due care to children, elder citizens and women
p) Provide health care by becoming aware of the ethos of medical ethics


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