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Foreign students:
1. Eligibility Requirements for Foreign Students:

A minimum of 2 credit passes and 1 ordinary pass in Physics, Chemistry, Biology (PCB) or 50% marks in aggregate of PCB at the 'A' level or equivalent examination. He or she should have at least a credit pass in English at the 'O' level and should have completed 17 years of age. (If there are 4 subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Zoology and Botany/ Mathematics then a minimum of 2 credit passes and 2 ordinary passes). There is no entrance Examination. viz; SAT / TOEFL is not required.

Note: To calculate eligibility we take the mid point of each grade and this should total up to an aggregate of at least 50% in all the subjects taken at "A' levels and also when adding the grade for English at 'O' level.

Grades & Marks Equivalence:
Sri Lanka GCE 'A'&'O' level grades-Valid from 2002
Distinction (A): 75-100% Mid point-87.5
Very Good Pass (B): 65-74% Mid point-69.5
Credit Pass (C): 50-64% Mid point-57
Ordinary Pass(S): 35-49% Mid point-42

London 'A' & 'O' level grades:
Grade (A): 80%& above Mid point-90
Grade(B): 70-79% Mid point-74.5
Grade(C): 60-69% Mid point-64.5
Grade(D): 50-59% Mid point-54.5
Grade(E): 40-49% Mid point-44.5
Grade (N): 35-39%

To calculate eligibility we take the mid point of each grade and this should total up to an aggregate of at least 50% in all the subjects taken at "A' levels and also when adding the grade for English at 'O' level. In case the marks do not tally up to 50% when using the mid points of each grade range, we advise students to apply to their boards and ask for actual marks. The Boards then send the marks to us, in confidence. The student may prove to be eligible if he/she has obtained a higher score than the mid point of the grade and the total adds up to be 50% or more.

Students are requested to apply with photocopies of their A & O level grade sheets. For faster communication students may fax photocopies of their A & O level grade sheets. But please do not send scanned copies by email. Please write your postal address, email address/ phone/ fax numbers on the admission application. On receiving the photocopies of the mark sheets, if the student is found eligible, provisional admission will be offered. A seat may be reserved on receipt of the first installment.

Original Certificates at the time of joining, the student must present the original mark sheets and pass certificates of the qualifying board examinations - 'A' & 'O' levels / Class X & XII, proof of date of birth, medical fitness certificate, character certificate, and 12 passport size photographs. (It is best to keep the negative of the passport size photograph as it is needed several times during the course). Admission is confirmed only after scrutiny of the original certificates and receipt of all fees.

2. Tourist to Student Visa:

New students must get a tourist visa for 60 days at the International Airport at Kathmandu. The visitor's visa rate is US$ 30 / for the first two months. The tourist visa is valid for 60 days and can be renewed for the third month at US$ 50 (For renewal of tourist visa, one has to go to Kathmandu). The college will help in the procuring and renewal of student visas if the application, complete in all respects, is received 60 days before the expiry of the last visa. The lapse and other fines are the student's responsibility. The college will collect all student visa applications and send them collectively to the immigration authorities.

3. The completed application consists of the following:


  1. Seven copies of the visa application form (One visa application form can be filled in black ink in block letters, cross checked by the visa-in-charge, 7 copies made, 7 photographs (all same) pasted and all 7 copies signed in original)
  2. Photocopy of passport and last visa stamp
  3. A bank statement showing the student has $3000/ in his / her account in the year the visa is to be extended
  4. Visa fees for one year (Must be submitted each year along with the college and hostel fees)

4. Process of getting student visa recommendation from Kathmandu University:
The Principal of the college will send a request letter to the Registrar, Kathmandu University along with all the documents and photocopies of passports of all foreign students and the Kathmandu University will verifiy the documents and send a letter of recommendation to the Ministry of Education & Sports, HMG/Nepal. The Education Ministry will send all the documents to the Immigration Department with their recommendation who is the ultimate authority to issue the Visa.

Approval from Ministry of Education The Ministry of Education requires Original Passports and Bank Statements too. It is important that the student should have more than $3000/ in their account at the time of application. A bank statement can be taken to show that the student has the requisite sum in his / her account. New students must bring at least USD$ 3100 separately and deposit that in their bank account. After receiving a bank statement, this money can be used to pay hostel fees etc later. A student must request the bank statement on their own. The college can assist in getting this after the student sign for a 'Bank Statement Request'.

Granting of Visa by Immigration Department: The Education Ministry approves the visa applications and sends them to the Immigration Department. The applications should reach the Immigration Department before the expiry of the last visa. In the event of delays, a late fee of $50 is payable for the 1st day and $2 per day, thereafter.

5. Multi Entry Visa:
A charge of US$ 60 is charged over and above the monthly student visa fees to make it a multi entry visa. For the multiple entry visa to be valid it is absolutely necessary that the students get an exit stamp/ sticker on their passports at the time of departure at the Immigration Counter, International Airport, Kathmandu.
Similarly, they must get an entry stamp/sticker at the Immigration Counter, International Airport, Kathmandu while returning from vacation and entering Nepal. If the exit stamp is missing, it will have 2 repercussions. Students will have to pay re-entry fee while returning from vacation and entering Nepal; and the study visa for the remaining period will also get cancelled and the whole process will have to be re-started.

Visas rules are liable to be changed from time to time.

A tourist visa can be obtained at Kathmandu airport. New students must get a tourist visa for at least for 60 days. The college will assist in procuring a student visa at a later stage.


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