Idel Women Development Centre (IWDC)

Bharatpur 10, Chitwan
A women LNGO committed to improve status of women in regards to social development

  • To promote self reliant efforts of women
  • To identify & mobilize local resources for deprived women
  • To support women in organizational development
  • ANCHC (Adarsha Nari Clinic & Health Counselling Center) to support the poor & make available preventive, pro-motive & curative health services by means of population education program.
MOU Partner Organization
  • Mobilize & educate needy women & conduct health camps.
  • Refer patients to CMSTH as per need.
College of Medical Sciences:        
  • Provide quality health services to patients with 25-100 % discount on case basis

Contact us

College of Medical Sciences

  • Address: Chitwan, Nepal
  • Tel:  +977-56-521527 (Fax)
           +977-56-524203 (Hosp.)
           +977-56-523603 (Res.)
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